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My passion for web development began in 2020, leading me down a self-taught path where I've honed my skills in Python, JavaScript, and explored frameworks like React & Sveltekit. The use of Docker has become a crucial part of my development process, enhancing the efficiency of my projects.

I've engaged in a variety of initiatives, from custom web development to creating Linkimo, an AI-based real estate platform, and developing a task management application. These experiences have allowed me to delve into the use of artificial intelligence, notably through integrating large language models, to enrich user interaction and data analysis.

Founding TheBestSoftwares, a software comparison platform, represents one of my most ambitious projects. Through this platform, I also offer consulting to assist businesses in selecting and implementing the best SaaS solutions, showcasing my commitment to leveraging technology to solve complex problems and improve business processes.

My journey is a testament to my relentless curiosity and commitment to innovation, continually motivating me to seek new knowledge and tackle the challenges of web development.

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Fullstack Developer

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  • Degree: Master
  • City: Sainte-Maxime, France
  • Phone: +33 6 99 34 52 31
  • Email: contact@julien-ferreira.com
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As a developer, I possess a diverse skill set that enables me to create web applications efficiently. My toolbox includes a range of technologies and frameworks, allowing me to tackle various challenges in the world of web development.

Tailwind CSS


Discover more about my journey in the realm of development as you explore this section. I'm eager to share my experiences and the path that has led me to pursue a career in web development.

Professional Experience

Project manager - FullStack developer

Jan 2024 - Present


  • Leading and developing innovative enterprise applications for both internal use and client base as a Project Manager and Fullstack Developer.
  • Designing attractive user interfaces and browser-based SaaS solutions using Windev, Windev Mobile, Django, and dynamic Javascript, ensuring an optimal user experience.
  • Developing comprehensive APIs for each application, providing a 100% SaaS service offering while also enabling offline functionality for maximum flexibility and accessibility.
  • Dynamically adapting development strategies to efficiently meet the changing needs of projects, through regular development checkpoints that allow for real-time adjustments in priorities and techniques.
  • Continuously monitoring technological advancements to incorporate the latest innovations in fullstack development, ensuring that deployed solutions remain at the forefront of technology and aligned with the evolving needs of the business and its clients.

Founder, FullStack Developer & Digital Marketer

Jun 2022 - Present

TheBestSoftwares - France

Compare and find the right software for your needs with TheBestSoftwares.

  • Established TheBestSoftwares, a comprehensive online platform dedicated to selecting and comparing various online software solutions.
  • Solely developed the entire platform from scratch, utilizing Python, Javascript, Django, HTML/CSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Implemented a successful affiliate marketing business model, ensuring continuous growth and profitability for the platform.
  • Spearheaded all SEO initiatives, including page optimization, keyword analysis, and blogging, driving organic traffic and elevating site rankings.
  • Managed and executed SEA strategies, particularly focusing on effective Google Ads campaigns to amplify visibility and user acquisition.
  • Cultivated an active online presence through regular social media postings, engaging with the user community, and staying updated with the latest software trends.
  • Ensured an intuitive user experience, allowing visitors to seamlessly compare and select the best software solutions that fit their needs.Compare

Founder & FullStack Developer

Apr 2022 - Dec 2023

Linkimo - Sainte-Maxime, France

  • Founded Linkimo, an innovative platform streamlining the connection between prospects and real estate professionals tailored to their needs.
  • Developed the entire platform as a full stack developer, utilizing Python, Javascript, Django, HTML/CSS, and Bootstrap.
  • Managed the company's strategy and growth, with a focus on the municipalities of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and Les Issambres.
  • Designed and optimized a sophisticated algorithm for precise matching between users and real estate agencies.
  • Continually update, optimize, and improve the platform based on evolving user needs and real estate market trends.
  • Assumed full responsibility for the development cycle, from design to deployment, including testing and rollouts.
  • Worked closely with real estate professionals to ensure satisfaction and relevance of the services provided by Linkimo.

Payment Partnerships Manager

Sep 2018 - Mar 2021

Hipay Group - Levallois-Perret, France

  • Proactively sourced and qualified potential partnerships to expand the portfolio.
  • Negotiated and strengthened relations with both new and existing partners.
  • Launched and raised internal awareness about innovations in payment methods.
  • Oversaw and optimized relations with current partners, including banks and payment service providers.
  • Ensured accuracy in partner billing procedures.
  • Actively engaged in contractual reviews.
  • Provided regular reporting on departmental activities and partnership performances.


Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide

Dec 2023 - Jan 2024

Udemy - France

I acquired a comprehensive understanding of Docker, Docker Compose, multi-container projects, and deployment strategies from the ground up. This course also delved into the essentials of Kubernetes, providing me with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage containerized applications and orchestrate them at scale.

The Ultimate React Course

Nov 2023 - Dec 2023

Udemy - France

I undertook an in-depth React course, spanning from beginner to advanced levels. I mastered modern React techniques, including Context API, React Query, Redux Toolkit, and advanced design patterns. This course equipped me with the expertise to build robust and dynamic web applications using React, further enhancing my skills in front-end development.

The Complete JavaScript Course

Apr 2021 - May 2021

Udemy - France

I completed a modern JavaScript course designed for individuals of all levels. I mastered JavaScript through practical projects, coding challenges, and comprehensive theory. This course encompassed a wide range of topics, offering a comprehensive learning experience in JavaScript. It provided me with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in web development.

Python Full Course

Mar 2020 - Apr 2020

Udemy - France

I learned Python from this comprehensive course, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced programming techniques. It equipped me with the skills to create applications, manipulate data, and automate tasks using Python. This course was instrumental in building my proficiency in Python programming.

Master's degree - International Business and Purchasing

Sep 2014 - Jun 2018

IPAG Business School - Paris, France

IPAG Business School is a management school founded in 1965. It prepares its students to become future executives, managers and entrepreneurs.

Activities and societies:

  • IPAG Wine Club member 2014-2015
  • "A la une" member 2016-2017

Associate Degree - Real Estate

Sep 2012 - Aug 2014

FORMAPLUS - Roquebrune-sur-Argens, France

Grade: Gratuated following a part-time work and study training Grade: Gratuated following a part-time work and study training

French associate degree (2 years) which provide a complete training in real estate.

Acquired skills :
- Sale negotiation
- Annual and holiday rental negotiation
- Rental administration
- Condominium administrationFrench


Welcome to my portfolio, where I showcase a collection of websites and applications I've had the pleasure of working on. This is a visual journey through my web development experiences, highlighting both digital platforms and applications that I've been involved with.

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Carole Properties






Conseil Investissement Immobilier





Discover the services I offer in the world of web development. I take pride in providing solutions that meet your digital needs. Whether it's creating stunning websites, developing custom web applications, or offering technical expertise, I'm here to assist you.


Partner with me to bring your business idea to life. I'm interested in equity rather than traditional payment, allowing us to work together to build and share in the success of your venture.

SEO Optimization

Enhance your online presence with SEO optimization. Improve your website's visibility and ranking on search engines to attract more organic traffic.


Custom scripting solutions tailored to your specific needs. Automate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance the functionality of your web applications

Mobile App

Crafting mobile apps that provide seamless user experiences. From concept to deployment, I create responsive and user-friendly applications.


Integrate and expand the capabilities of your web applications with custom APIs. Enable data exchange and connectivity with other services.


Design and develop visually appealing and functional websites. From static pages to dynamic web applications, I bring your ideas to life.


Photo Carole H.

Carole H.

Agency director

I called on Julien for the creation of my website. We extensively discussed to identify my needs and expectations. He is very attentive and gives very good advice. I am delighted with the result! I highly recommend.

Photo Georges F.

Georges F.

Company Director

The website created by Julien Ferreira is simply luxurious and perfectly in line with our industry. We are very pleased with the result.



Sainte-Maxime, France


+33 6 99 34 52 31

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